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Make America Great Again? You Bet!

Lots of people of the “left” persuasion like Eric Holder, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, etcetera call this a racist or even fascist slogan. They always point to all the negatives in our distant past like slavery, segregation and the days before women’s suffrage and cynically ask, “Is this when America was great?” The answer is: OF COURSE NOT!

So, what are President Trump and his followers talking about when they repeat the MAGA slogan?

Well, America was great when… 

  • Mom & Dad were together. (The government provided no incentive for fatherless homes.)
  • Mom & Dad didn’t need two or three jobs to make ends meet.
  • Government health insurance wasn’t needed because mom or dad’s employer provided insurance as an incentive to hire and keep their valued employees.
  • America didn’t waste its wealth and the precious lives of soldiers on pointless, endless wars.
  • Foreign countries weren’t allowed to steal our industry.
  • Immigrants entered our country legally and assimilated into OUR culture.
  • We weren’t dependent on foreign powers for energy.
  • Our military was so powerful, NO ONE dared test our resolve.
  • There was ONE definition for justice.
  • Infanticide was punishable by death, not facilitated by doctors and paid for with tax dollars.
  • Schools taught our kids about our Constitution, the story of our founding and how truly blessed we are to be born American.
  • The media told us the truth.
  • Free speech was truly protected for EVERYONE.
  • “Made in the USA” was the rule, not the exception.
  • Administrations didn’t weaponize the Justice Department against its political opponents.
  • Purposely deleting government records was considered treason.
  • No one questioned the 2nd amendment.
  • Socialism was our enemy and to suggest otherwise was political suicide.
  • We didn’t apologize for our greatness. (We were proud of the success of our “Grand Experiment”) 

Some of us are old enough to remember when all the above was true. We’ve watched our government get bigger and bigger while our opportunities and freedoms have become fewer and fewer. We don’t suggest repeating any of our previous mistakes, nor do we believe this is a zero-sum game. Being intellectually honest, we know that we can have the good without the bad. We simply want our children to have the same prospects of a bright future that we enjoyed. Yes, we want to Make America Great Again before it’s too late.

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