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See? Told You So.

Back in February I wrote this post proclaiming my love for my new AirPods. Turns out, I’m not the only person who thinks AirPods are “the shit”. Today, published the results of a survey of 942 AirPod owners by Creative Strategies and Experian. AirPods received the highest customer satisfaction rating of any new Apple product! 98% of those surveyed said they were satisfied or extremely satisfied with their new earbuds.

Those counting themselves among the dissatisfied numbered far less than one percent of those surveyed.

When asked about specific AirPod features, survey respondents were equally enamored:

Charge time, design and Bluetooth pairing all rated 97% or better while the most subjective feature, secure fit, rated 93%! That is totally amazing when you consider the huge variability in ear sizes and shapes plus the fact that AirPods don’t come with a selection of different sized tips like most earbuds.

This MacTexan would never stoop to anything as childish as saying “told you so”. Oh yeah, I already did. Anyway, next time don’t wait for fancy surveys to help you make up your mind. Just read

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