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It’s Purge Time!

Has this presidential campaign been a circus, or what? I like to think of myself as a well-informed participant in our political process. I cast my first presidential ballot in 1976 and have voted in every election since. By that I mean every election, from local city council to president and everything in between. I have postponed vacation trips so not to miss my opportunity to vote. That was before the days of very early and absentee balloting we now enjoy. I say all this to emphasize my opening remark. This campaign is like none I have witnessed in over forty years of observation. Just when I think things can’t get any muddier, they do. Just when I think there’s no way more dirt can be found, there is. I expect this will continue through November 8th. Before this is over, I expect Wikileaks will release email of Hillary calling Italians “wops”, jews “kikes” and black people “niggers” while I’m sure there is a yet-to-be-released video tape of Donald Trump raping a 16-year-old girl while resting her head on a signed copy of Mien Kampf. Exaggeration, yes, but if I had predicted all the Wikileaks dumps and open-mic recordings six months ago, you would have thought I was nuts. Hell, I would have thought I was nuts!

I’ve thought long and hard about who will get my support. Last year at this time there were 19 people vying for our nation’s highest office. By the time the presidential primaries came to Texas, the field had been effectively narrowed down to ten. My first choice was to select which party primary to vote in. As a libertarian, my pickings were slim. Gary Johnson, John McAfee and Austin Petersen altogether couldn’t stir any enthusiasm and quite frankly I didn’t feel any of them had the qualifications to be president. Bernie Sanders, while making some good points about establishment and special interest politics was basically 180° away from every political belief I hold dear. Hillary Clinton was, well, Hillary. I was sick of her and her husband when they pillaged and left the White House in 2001. She has to be the most morally, ethically and politically corrupt candidate to ever seek the office. No matter what is said this campaign, my mind was made up when she left four dead Americans in Libya, including our ambassador. If she is that incompetent (if not criminally neglectful) as Secretary of State, how could I possibly vote for her for President? That left a wide field of candidates in the Republican primary. That field had significantly narrowed to two by the time the Texas primary rolled around, Trump and Cruz. What a choice, right? Well, Ted Cruz lost me with his ultra-conservative religious views and I just couldn’t imagine myself seeing his mug on TV every day for the next four years. Forgive me, but there’s something about his demeanor that makes my skin crawl. Aside from Hillary, there’s nobody I’d like to see in the White House less. In fact, I decided the most important trait for any presidential candidate this election cycle is lack of political experience. Life-long politicians working within today’s realities of special interest money and special interest agendas collect too much “favor-baggage”. The longer a politician is in the game, the more favors he/she owes to the donors who financed their campaigns. I think it’s time to eject the career politicians and clean house. No one exemplifies this trait less than Donald Trump whose comparatively infantile 16-month political career is devoid of special-interest funding. To the best of my knowledge, Donald Trump’s campaign is mainly financed by private donations averaging around $60, plus his own coffers. No big special-interest backers and no favors owed. For example, the Trump campaign makes a big deal of Hillary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s refusal to use the term “radical Islamic terrorist” when a Muslim from the middle-east slaughters innocent civilians. Ever wonder why they are so reluctant to say the words? It’s because they take tens (if not hundreds) of millions of dollars in donations from rich Arabs in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE and others. Those donors have instructed them NOT to! If they are so accommodating to these donors, imagine what kind of marching orders they are taking from multi-billion dollar insurance companies participating in Obamacare and servicing the Veterans Administration. What sort of income tax benefits and loopholes propagate as a result of Hillary’s $350,000 speaking fee she received from Goldman Sachs? The quid pro quo never ends with her.

I truly believe America needs a real political "outsider" as president. It's time for someone who is not beholden to ANY political machine and/or special interests. Washington is badly in need of a purge that only a true outsider can execute. It needs someone willing to say "You're FIRED!" to the ruling political class and entrenched bureaucrats who've made our government the top-heavy megalith it has become; more interested in its own proliferation than the needs of American citizens. There’s a reason Congress maintains a single-digit approval rating. It’s the same reason our national debt continues to skyrocket to so many trillions of dollars the average person cannot even conceptualize the sum. Politicians cannot vote sensibly to reduce wasteful spending because their sensible vote conflicts with the wishes of the corporation or PAC that financed their campaigns. It is such a convoluted equation. A special interest donates a million dollars to a congressman who in return votes to pass legislation costing the American taxpayer billions. When did we lose site of the impropriety of this behavior? When did it become acceptable for foreign billionaires to buy access to our government through donations to a charitable foundation? When did it become acceptable to legally ruin a young sailor’s life for snapping a cell phone picture of the inside of the submarine he sailed on so he could show his kid “where daddy worked”. At the same time no criminal charges are filed on a Secretary of State who deletes and bleaches tens of thousands of public documents in defiance of a Congressional subpoena? We need someone who understands that in America the law applies to all its citizens equally. We need someone who understands the impropriety of an ex-president meeting privately on a government plane with a standing Attorney General who is supposedly deciding on criminal indictment of said ex-president’s wife.

For God's sake people! This is the United States of America, not Great Britain. There is no aristocracy here. Government derives its power from its citizens. Remember “We the people”? Politicians serve at our behest. They are not some sort of privileged class no matter how much they try to act like it. Let’s play make-believe for just a few seconds. Please, humor me.

First, imagine you just received a subpoena from the U.S. congress that mandates you produce your voter registration card. What is your first thought? Shred your voter registration card then burn the pieces? Of course not! What do you think the consequences would be if you did?

What makes a person ignore a congressional subpoena? I can only think of one thing. Entitlement. This person feels they are in a class that need not obey the law. Hell, this person must think of the U. S. congress as “little people”. How aloof is that? This incident just happens to involve Hillary Clinton, but this is just an example of what goes on within the current ruling political class on both sides of the congressional isle. It’s that sort of behavior that motivates me to cast a protest ballot for Donald Trump. Yes, he’s a blow-hard. Yes, he’s probably some sort of lech. And yes, some of his political stances border on the ridiculous, but I’m not worried about that. The Founders wisely built ample checks and balances into our Constitution to guard against the extreme.

I believe the imperitive for this election is to stick our thumb in the eye of our entrenched political establishment. “Business as usual” is no longer acceptable. We’ve been in that mode since the ‘80s and look what it’s gotten us; an anemic economy with 1% annual GDP growth, the lowest labor participation rate in fifty years, minority unemployment approaching 60%, $20T of national debt, inner-city murder rates rivaling 3rd world banana republics and a constant terrorism threat from Islamic extremists who detest our society and our values. Something has to change.

I say, if you’re gonna change then there’s no better place to start than at the top. The problem is, we’ve been dealt two absolutely shitty hands from which to choose. One candidate is a criminal (indicted or not) and the other is a lech (allegedly, but there’s so much smoke, there must be some fire somewhere). I know, I know, but what about the Libertarian and Green party candidates? Seriously? First, I could never vote for a militant environmentalist and second, Gary Johnson must have smoked too much herb through the years. The man sometimes has trouble completing his own sentences! I’ve been praying for a viable Libertarian candidate for 30 years. My slim hopes were dashed in 2012 when the Republicans and the media assassinated Ron Paul (figuratively, of course). He masqueraded as a Republican in the primaries and garnered more support than any Libertarian in history, but got bull-rushed by Romney and the RNC. That’s when I started despising the Republicans almost as much as the Democrats. Almost.

So, the presidential primaries yielded a Democrat political insider who practically defines the term and a Republican political outsider who couldn’t be more outside if he were from another planet. He’s so far outside he’s having trouble getting Republicans to support him. For me, the choice is easy. If you believe everything the press is saying (which I absolutely don’t, but for the sake of argument let’s say I do), Donald Trump is a tax-evading, racist, Islamophobic, xenophobic sexual predator. Hillary Clinton is a defender of and an enabler for a (proven) sexual predator. She accepts money in exchange for government access, thinks I am deplorable, maintains differing public and private views on critical issues and if her last name were anything but Clinton, would certainly be under indictment. Additionally, we just saw video tape of DNC operatives bragging about inciting riots at Trump rallies and explaining methods for committing voter fraud. These are contractors paid by the Hillary campaign and the DNC. This is criminal behavior! Where the hell is the FBI? Why isn’t somebody doing a perp-walk for all of this shit?

I’ll tell you why. Our justice system is totally politicized and corrupt. I think it goes all the way to the president’s desk. We’ll never be able to prove it, of course. On the same videotapes, the DNC operatives explained their “double blind” remittance methods and how those methods provide “plausible deniability” to the DNC and their candidates. J. Edgar Hoover is rolling over in his grave. The agency he spent a lifetime molding into the elite law enforcement organization that took down Bonnie & Clyde and the Mafia is now little more than a puppet for the democrats. They ignore criminals like Hillary Clinton and go after military generals whose infractions pale in comparison but happen to be on the wrong side of the political fence. The same goes for the IRS. The democrats have turned them into attack dogs they sic on conservative and religious organizations who speak out against democrat leftist agenda. The lifelong bureaucrats running these agencies and the political ruling class serving as their puppet masters need to be told, “YOU’RE FIRED!”

We all know who’s best qualified to do that.

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