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Cry-ins & Riots. The Left's True Colors

Snot bubbles for HillaryTo me, the best thing about a Donald Trump presidency is that he is the first president who will enter the White House owing donors absolutely DICK! I’ve been voting since 1976 and for the first time I feel like I’ve helped elect a man who’s first priority is to serve the electorate. And not just those who voted for him, the entire electorate. It’s a shame some don’t see things that way. You see, I actually read the Trump/Pence web site and listened to his campaign speeches. I also went to Hillary's site and read it front to back. I didn’t get my information from the mainstream media who’ve been proven to be completely in the tank for Hillary. They aren’t just biased, some of the emails Wikileaks released demonstrated active collusion with the Hillary campaign. If you rely on the major networks and CNN to spoon-feed information to you, I can understand why you would have a completely skewed vision of the campaign and why you’d believe the election should have gone your way. Well, it didn’t. Donald Trump told us about this dishonest reporting and skewed polls for weeks leading up to the election. If you chose not to listen to him, you only have yourself to blame for being clueless. Maybe now you won't be so eager to march lock-step with CNN & MSNBC.

Never mind. I just experienced a delusional moment. Liberal bots never learn. The Orwellian brainwashing is just too complete. The truth cannot penetrate. If it could, lifetime leftists would realize that norms of the past no longer apply. Democrats have always framed the "us vs. them" argument as one of race or rich vs. poor. Donald Trump has been accurately re-defining the struggle as the ruling political class vs. virtually everyone else. Boundaries can no longer be drawn between party lines. Both parties (Republican and Democrat) have fallen victim to their donors. The money required to run an effective campaign forced leaders of both parties to pander to the wealthiest one-half of one percent who expect favorable legislative and/or executive action in return for their campaign donations. Campaign finance reform legislation has done little or nothing to stem the tide of this political pandering. It's the definitive "fox guarding the hen house" situation, effectually asking legislators to police themselves. For the past thirty years, it hasn't mattered which party was in power. Our economy hasn't improved and we've been continually bogged down in fruitless foreign wars. Donald Trump recognized this, as did a large percentage of the American people. Mr. Trump saw the unrest and levereged it into a successful bid for the White House. The problem is, half of America refuses to see the real problem. They continue to cling to the stale ideas that label republicans as racists, sexists, xenophobes, etc., when those labels are nowhere near reality. In short, they've been eating too much CNN dog food. The people who support Donald Trump are quite angered by all the name-calling and on November 8th the "basket of deplorables" came out by the millions to vent their anger the correct way, by voting. When the tallies started coming in and state after state went to Trump, the mainstream media (and the robots who believe them) was shocked. They spent too much time in the weeks leading up to the election listening to each other instead of honestly reporting what I and everyone who attended a Trump rally saw; the near exuberent enthusiam of the "Trump movement". One of the Trump rallys I attended in Prescot Valley, Arizona was attended by over 25,000 people. That was in an area with a total population of 40,000! How does one explain attendance by over 60% of the populace? On a Tuesday afternoon, no less! My wife and I arrived at 09:30 for a 2 PM event and barely got into the 10,000 capacity arena. 15,000 people watched outside on the jumbotron. I don't remember that sort of enthusiasm for any presidential candidate, even Ronald Reagan. Of course, you never heard numbers like that if you listened to the MSM. Like Mr. Trump said repeatedly, "the most dishonest people" would never turn their cameras to the enthusiastic crowds. They seemed to be doing everything in their power to downplay Donald Trump's movement. And "movement" is the most accurate term I can think of to describe it.

So, to all you bed-wetting crybabies in Portland, Austin and New York: YOUR CANDIDATE LOST. Protest all you want. The First Amendment to our Constitution guarantees your right to do so. More precisely, it assures “the right of the people peacefully to assemble”. The key word being “peacefully”. No matter how non-sequitur your opinions are, people have fought and died to protect your right to express them…


I know no one has taught you this. After all, you are products of the American education system. It's a system that feels it is more important to provide sensitivity and sexual awareness training than teach the fundamental principles upon which this country was founded. They also seem to have missed the points about deliberately blocking traffic, torching cars and the violent destruction of other people's property. When you do that, you cease being a protestor and becom a rioter! Rioters enjoy no such Constitutional protections.

I’m paying a large sum of my hard-earned money to send my youngest of three daughters to college, just like I did for her two older sisters. She is attending Louisiana State University. Both her older sisters graduated from the University of Houston. Guess what? I have never paid either university for one of my daughters to participate in a “cry in”! Well, if I did I never knew about it and would be outraged at the university if it were true. And my kids all attended public universities where the cost is semi-reasonable. These ridiculous cry sessions, Play Dough and coloring book therapies are happening at very expensive, private Ivy-League schools. What a bunch of dopes! If I were paying in excess of $20K per semester for my kid’s education and found out that’s what I was getting for my money, I’d be royally pissed. Instead of all this infantile pampering, these coddled millennials need someone to tell them that in every election there’s a winner and a loser. There are no “participation trophies” for the losers no matter what type of temper-tantrum they throw. They need to put down their sippy-cups, get back to class and try to learn something meaningful, like basic constitutional principles. They also need to grow a pair. If Hitler and the Japanese were on the rampage today and these weenies were all we had to defend us, we’d be eating dried fish and sauerbraten for dinner very soon.

Millennials don't have these!

The good news is, although this behavior is widespread, it is still just a collection of isolated instances no matter how big the mainstream media plays it up. If you have any doubt about that, just look at the county-by-county electoral map (below). Aside from the little blue patches in the largest urban areas, for the most part this country is very, very red. Of course, one of the points of contention for these protesters is the way we elect presidents. Because Hillary won the popular vote by a small margin, these malcontents automatically start hollering about the “unfairness” of the electoral college. They are so predictable. Firstly, because they have no concept of a constitutional representative republic, which is what America is. I cringe every time I hear these idiots calling the United States a democracy. It is not. Secondly, they always throw fits every time an election doesn’t go their way. They demand the rules be changed after the fact or try to contest things in court, hoping they can get matters in front of a sympathetic liberal judge who’ll change things in their favor. If you understand the Constitution, you’d know the purpose of the electoral college. It was designed to spread electoral power more evenly (and fairly) throughout the country. At its inception, two-thirds of Americans lived in New York, Philadelphia and their surrounding areas. In their infinite wisdom, the founders saw the need to prevent these population centers from dictating policy to the rest of the country. Today? Same, same. If there were no electoral college, presidential candidates wouldn’t bother campaigning anywhere other than major metropolitan areas. States like Idaho, New Hampshire, Nevada, Utah and the Dakotas wouldn’t have much (if any) say about their destiny. If you look at how red the electoral map is after this election, 1.) it would appear Donald Trump should have won by an even wider margin and 2.) every state in the union was important to the outcome. I mean, this thing looks like a Verizon LTE coverage map!

 Electoral map by county.

In the federalist papers, John Adams said the electoral college’s purpose was to prevent “the tyranny of the majority”. He and the other founders understood how vital distribution of electoral power truly is. How long do you think the United States would have lasted if 200 years ago the people of New York and Philadelphia were the only ones that mattered in an election? The same holds true today. People on the east and west coasts flippantly refer to the rest of America as "fly-over" country. They fail to realize middle America feeds them and provides most of their energy. Their uppity attitude towards their fellow countrymen is, in part, the reason middle America turned out so fervently for Donald Trump. They looked to him to push back the tide of east and west coast eliteism and political correctness. The "rigged system" Mr. Trump repeatedly referred to in his stump speeches resonated with a middle America who ever-increasingly disagreed with the liberal "correct speak" being spouted by the Hollywood elites and mainstream media. They listened to Hillary Clinton and the establishment who backed her referring to them as irredeemable racists, sexists and a host of other slanders and knew it not to be true. As the 2016 electoral map shows quite clearly, the "fly-overs" had their say. Is the electoral college perfect? Of course not. Is it vital for the continued well-being of our republic? Absolutely!

The electoral college is so important, the founders saw fit to include it in the Constitution, knowing full well what a huge effort would be required to change it. Amendments to the Constitution require passage by two-thirds majority in both houses of congress, presidential signature and ratification by majority vote in 34 states (the Constitution actually says 2/3 of the states). Yes, they made it very hard. They made sure our Constitution would endure flippant political upheavals. They intended our Constitution be a near-sacred document requiring a serious and enduring groundswell of will and determination to change it. Thank God. Our Constitution is what differentiates us from the rest of the world. Its genius has resulted in the greatest, most prosperous and most powerful country on earth.

So, go ahead and protest. Even though over half of you didn’t vote, you do have the right to peaceably speak your mind. That even includes “cry-ins” and coloring book therapy if that's what floats your boat. All you’re doing is reinforcing opinions of the electorate in all those red counties that they voted correctly. What they know is what you refuse to see. When President Trump succeeds in making America great again, you will benefit equally. 

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