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Somebody Needs to Say It. Radical Islam IS the Problem!

We can’t seem to make a pass/fail decision about middle-eastern refugees trying to immigrate to our country. We examine the social, political and criminal backgrounds of people from Russia. The same goes for China, India and virtually everywhere else. Why can’t we examine the compatibility/incompatibility of the political and religious beliefs of Syrian refugees? Even examining the practice will get you branded as a racist, xenophobe or any number of nasty adjectives. Leftists are crying crocodile tears and shaking their fists at President Trump’s executive order placing a temporary ban on immigration from seven countries (designated by the Obama administration) designated as hotbeds of radical Islamic terrorism. It’s symptomatic of our politically correct, globalist/elitist government and the mainstream media who promotes their agenda. Well, I could give two shits what I get called. This subject is too important for the well-being of our country to allow apathy or the fear of a little name-calling to rule the day. Innocent men, women and children are, quite literally, dying in the name of Allah while the West cowers in fear of verbal and/or political condemnation. I think it’s way past time we take a closer look at the middle-east’s jihadist version of the “religion of peace”.

Before I begin, let me state very plainly, I absolutely believe the first amendment to our Constitution, guaranteeing freedom of religion, is the most important verbiage in the entire document. Having said that, our courts have upheld time and again that religious practice doesn’t trump the rest of our laws. For example, it isn’t legal for Mormons to practice polygamy anywhere in our country. Rastafarians can’t spark up a blunt in church in states that don’t allow it. So why are we bending over backwards to import tens of thousands of people whose religious beliefs 1.) condone wife-beating as a perfectly acceptable means of enforcing her compliance and 2.) anyone who believes otherwise should be put to death? It shouldn’t matter that the behavior is spelled out in the Quran. Constitution trumps religious text every time. Islam can be freely practiced in the United States if that practice doesn’t conflict with our Constitution. Beating one’s wife violates her individual liberty (not to mention the basic immorality of the practice) and there are literally hundreds of local, state and federal statutes that forbid it. The same goes for the common Sharia practice of sexual mutilation, honor killings and forbidding women to drive, get an education, show her face in public, speak to any man who isn’t her husband... the list goes on and on. Sharia also spells out several practices that fly in the face of our First Amendment like prescribing the death penalty for simply speaking out against Islam, criticizing Allah, criticizing Muhammed or questioning any part of the Quran. Also, let’s not forget the “cruel and unusual” punishment (in addition to the death penalties described above) prescribed by Sharia like amputation of a person’s right hand if that person is caught stealing. Allowing that particular behavior in the United States would require repealing the Eighth Amendment. So, Islamic doctrine clearly flies in the face of our first, fourth and eighth Amendments. I’m sure a Constitutional lawyer could find a couple more. Is there any belief system more un-American than Sharia? In fact, Sharia law is completely incompatible with many foundational beliefs held by the western world. How can we abide importation of so many people knowing full well their religious beliefs negate any possibility of successful assimilation into western society? The short answer: We shouldn’t!

Before you start yelling about what a small percentage of Islam subscribes to these barbaric practices, here’s the really scary part…

…51% of the 3.3 million Muslims living in the United States believe Sharia law is preferable to the laws of our land. For the benefit of the people in Portland, that’s about 1.7 million completely unspooled Muslims living here NOW! Thank God we elected a man who promises to stem the tide of this scourge immigrating to our country. What I find so crazy was the media’s conniption fit over Trump calling for a temporary ban on some immigration. Commentators on CNN, CBS and MSNBC started screaming about the unconstitutional nature of banning someone based on their religion. First, our Constitution only applies to American citizens, making the entire argument moot. Second, I’m always amazed by how readily the left points to our Constitution when it fits their agenda, then completely ignore it when they want to take away our right to keep and bear arms. Just sayin’. No, I don’t believe all Muslims are terrorists. What I do believe is that all terrorists are Muslims. It isn’t our fault Islam is the religion of choice of everyone who feels the need to drive a speeding truck into a crowd of innocent tourists in Nice or into a busy Christmas market in Berlin, killing dozens of innocent men, women and children. Even the most virulent, vocal, anti-gay Southern Baptist doesn’t open up with an assault rifle into a crowded gay night club in Orlando, Florida. Buddhists don’t fly crowded jet liners into the two tallest buildings in New York City. Pick any terrorist tragedy of the last twenty years and you’ll find a Muslim perpetrator. Forgive me if I’m a little skittish about allowing tens of thousands of undocumented middle-eastern Muslim refugees to immigrate to the United States. It is virtually guaranteed that some percentage of these “refugees” want nothing more than to blow up or shoot or run over as many Americans as they possibly can. I.S.I.S. has said publicly they plan to infiltrate the refugees migrating to western Europe and the U.S. Even if that weren’t the case, why would we take the chance on tens of thousands of people who believe the only good infidel is a dead infidel? That’s right. This “religion of peace” teaches its followers that simple non-belief in Islam is a crime punishable by death and it is every true believer’s duty to be the executioner. If over half believe in Sharia law, it’s safe to assume they won’t suddenly start believing in equal rights and legal protection for women, gays, Christians or basically any non-Muslim. How can they? The version of Islam they believe in teaches them we should all be killed.

If you listen to (former) President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid or just about anyone who supports them, I am a hater. I am an irredeemable, intolerant xenophobe. Well, forgive my intolerance of someone who wants me, my wife and my children dead. The left would argue that only a tiny minority of these refugees are radicalized and that we shouldn’t condemn all Muslims for the beliefs of a few. I totally agree. I simply believe there is some other way to provide the much-needed humanitarian relief without allowing tens of thousands of undocumented Syrian refugees into the United States when our own government tells us they are incapable of properly vetting them. If only one tenth of one percent of the refugees are radicalized, we will be importing 100 to 200 radicalized terrorists if the relief effort progresses as (former) President Obama has proposed. I say, “Why take the chance?”

That is the question the left has yet to answer to my satisfaction. They simply repeat the horrible humanitarian disaster statistics.  Then they babble about the verbiage on the Statue of Liberty and how un-American it is to temporarily halt immigration from certain areas. Oh, and then they call me a racist xenophobe. I’m not advocating we ignore the refugee crisis. I’m just wondering if there is some way to solve it short of allowing tens of thousands of un-vetted people into our country when we’re almost certain some of them will be wife-beating, genital mutilating, murdering extremists. I don’t say so. I.S.I.S. says so. That aside, most of these refugees have absolutely no interest in assimilating into our culture. It is not the job of the American people to accommodate their anti-western beliefs and practices. And it certainly isn’t the job of the American taxpayer to pay to be terrorized.

I have one other question that no one on the left has been able to answer. What are all the wealthy middle-eastern countries doing to relieve the Syrian refugee crisis? I mean, besides donating millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation. I’m talking about places like Saudi Arabia and the UAE (United Arab Emirates) that have so much money, their police drive Lamborghinis and Ferraris. They’ve been making bank off the rest of the world by collecting petro-dollars by the super-tanker load. They could buy every refugee a house and new Mercedes with the change found in their sofas! For all intents and purposes, these countries are Islamic theocracies. They’re fine with the whole one-handed thief thing. They also have butt-loads of land to build refugee camps that’s a helluva lot closer to Syria than Pittsburgh or Pensacola. Do you think they know something we don’t? Do they know the vast majority of these refugees are well-intentioned people who are simply running for their lives? Do they know I.S.I.S. would suicide bomb Riyadh just as gladly as New York? Of course they do. Do you think the Saudi royal family fears being called racist or xenophobic? Of course not. People who speak out against the royals in Saudi Arabia get a one-way ticket to prison, never to be heard from again. In other words, the displaced Syrians are much more culturally and theologically compatible with Arab nations than they are with the U.S. or Europe, but the rich, Islamic nations of the middle-east refuse to have anything to do with them because they know the trouble they would be inviting if they did. Hmmm. Can we learn anything from that?

Certainly, Europe is feeling the sting of un-checked mass immigration from the middle-east. Great Britain wised up and passed “Brexit” effectively telling the E.U., “Thanks, but no thanks. We’ll govern ourselves if you don’t mind…and that includes our borders” Sweden has enacted sweeping immigration reform. Germany’s Angela Merkel’s seat as head of state isn’t expected to be renewed by the voters of her country. Her “follow-along politely” stance with the E.U.’s position of open borders has left her political position tenuous at best. Islamic terrorism has caused the senseless deaths of thousands of peace-loving men, women and children in France, Germany and Belgium in the last two years alone. I visited Paris in 2015 and wound up taking what I thought was an excessively long cab ride to the Louvre. When I questioned the cabbie about my high fare, he told me we had to go around an eight square block area, explaining that it was a “no-go” zone. At the time I didn’t know what he was talking about and just paid the fare, thinking I’d just been stiffed by another American-hating Frenchman. When I found out more about Paris, I immediately felt guilty for harboring those thoughts about someone who did me (and himself) a favor. The reality is, that is a section of Paris consisting predominantly of middle-eastern immigrants. It turns out the area is such a shit hole the Paris police won’t even go there. How sad is that? France takes in immigrants as part of a huge humanitarian relief program and those same immigrants infest a huge section of Paris and are so violent and otherwise unlawful that normal Parisians can’t even navigate through the area! The story is repeated throughout Europe. Don’t believe me? Google “Molenbeek”.

President Trump’s temporary immigration ban is meant to prevent the same sort of thing happening to New York or Chicago or Houston or…


…your city.

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