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Democrats & Your Media Friends: KEEP CALLING ME A RACIST!

I guess the left is getting desperate. The “Blue Wave” they predicted just a few short months ago for next week’s mid-term elections must not be materializing the way they hoped. It must be terribly troubling for them to see Donald Trump garnering the most republican support among blacks since Abraham Lincoln. They are horrified to see Kanye West and Dennis Rodman wearing MAGA hats, visiting with President Trump in the oval office and professing their “love” for him. Seeing Candice Owens leading the Young Black Leadership Conference (with a visit and address from president Trump) has to have democrats quivering in their boots.

Why are they so scared?

It’s because dimms have almost no chance to win elections without 95% support from black voters. It’s been that way since the ‘60s. Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” initiative spawned a mindset among blacks that their needs can only be met by the democrat party. In Johnson’s words, “this will keep them on the democrat plantation for generations”.

Well, after over fifty years of nearly unanimous black support for the democrat party, black poverty was at an all-time high, black unemployment remained double that of whites, predominantly black inner-city schools perpetually underperformed and failed their students and black-on-black violent crime was at an all-time high. In the 2016 campaign, with all these facts in mind, Donald Trump asked the black community, “What the hell do you have to lose?” [by voting for me] This rang true to a very significant number of black voters. Even though Trump only received 8 – 10% of the black vote, that was almost double what Mitt Romney got in 2012. That mere 4 or 5% more really made the difference in “Blue Wall” states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Some pundits now predict Trump could double that support by 2020. If that turns out to be true, he wins re-election by a landslide. Sound unlikely? Consider this: our economy is crushing it and black unemployment is the lowest in this country’s history and the percentage of blacks living below the poverty line is also the lowest in history.

They can’t fault President Trump’s economic policies. Our economy is the strongest it’s ever been. This strength is benefiting ALL Americans, including blacks. More Americans are working than ever before. That includes blacks and they’ve seen their wages rise at the highest rate in decades. President Trump’s focus on law enforcement is cleaning up gang-ridden neighborhoods, most in inner cities with high black populations. His stance on border security is stemming the tide of illegal immigrants who take jobs away from American citizens and depress wages for blue collar workers.

In short, the dimms can’t point to a single statistic that shows blacks aren’t doing better under Donald Trump’s leadership. This leaves the dimms with only one bullet left in their gun, the “racist” bullet. The left (including the complicit mainstream media) is doing everything within its power to convince black America that Donald Trump is a racist. They can’t site any facts to support their claim, so they have regressed to picking apart phrases within Trump’s rally speeches and defining them as “dog whistles” aimed to activate the supposed racist Trump supporters. For instance, when Trump defines himself as a “nationalist”, the left makes the leap that it’s a “dog whistle” to white nationalists.


nationalist | ˈnaSH(ə)nələst
a person who advocates political independence for a country: a Scottish nationalist• a person with strong patriotic feelings, especially one who believes in the superiority of their country over others.


The White Nationalist Party (WNP) was a neo-fascist Britishpolitical party, founded in May 2002 as "the British political wing of Aryan Unity".


BIG difference. 

I believe most Americans would define themselves as nationalists as defined above. Donald Trump makes no apologies for being a nationalist as well he shouldn’t. I believe ALL presidents should be “a person who advocates political independence for their country” and “a person with strong patriotic feelings”. Don’t you? To infer Trump’s words are to be taken as anything other than their face value is dishonest at best and borders on sedition.

Sedition | se·di·tion [səˈdiSH(ə)n]
conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.

If calling Donald Trump a racist wasn’t bad enough, now the dimms (including the complicit mainstream media) have taken to calling Trump’s supporters racist also. If we support our nationalist president, then we must be white nationalists too. We must hear the fictitious “dog whistle”. In Don Lemon’s words, “What does that say about…you?” So, according to the left, we Trump supporters are not only “deplorable”, now we’re racists also.

It’s little wonder why CNN’s ratings are lower than Ren & Stimpy reruns on the Cartoon Network. How bad would they be if they didn’t pay every airport in the country to force-feed us their leftist content? Somehow, they think calling half the country demeaning names is good for business. I think they are getting what they deserve.

Growing up in the ‘60s & ‘70s, I remember political discourse being robust and often heated, but I don’t recall ever being called a deplorable racist for supporting Gerald Ford or Ronald Reagan. We never heard of republicans being shouted out of restaurants for daring to disagree with the democrats. Duly elected democrats never stood in front of a crowd instructing their followers to “get into their faces and tell them they aren’t welcome”.

I wonder if they realize just how much they energize us? Do they think by calling me stupid, deplorable and racist that I will be shamed into coming over to their side? Maybe so. You and I know just how convoluted that reasoning is, but we’re too stupid to realize it, right? I hope they keep it up.

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